Wendy Tyrell

Wendy Tyrell

Executive Director, Development Partner Institute

DPI Mining imagines an industry deeply connected to the values of tomorrow’s generation; transparent and fair, equal and inclusive, and a genuine partner in global development. Our purpose is to accelerate this future through our work and influence. DPI Mining is working to promote the vision of miners becoming innovative and proactive development partners over the long term - delivering on economic, environmental, and social shared purpose. DPI Mining believes the transformative potential of the mining sector is significant.

DPI Mining’s landmark initiative, launched in September 2021, is RESCO, the Responsible Sourcing Coalition. The objective of RESCO is for mineral sourcing with vision and impact.

At DPI Mining, we value innovation, brave conversations, and experimentation. We invite stakeholders from across the mining value chain to collaborate with us to co-design solutions that will tackle some of our sector’s toughest sustainability challenges. We are promoting a sector that puts global development at its centre. DPI Mining works in resource-rich communities, countries, and regions. We do things differently by bringing together stakeholders from the entire mining ecosystem to bring about meaningful change through our pilots and initiatives. The work is progressively expanding across the globe.

Wendy first saw the sector as a child when exploration geologists came to her family’s farm. That experience was not a positive one. But the experience has driven her for more than 25 years to advance sustainability in mining.

Her passion evolved working in the sector across different geographical and cultural contexts. She has seen first-hand the transformative potential of mining. And that new ways of working which emerge through collaboration can positively contribute to sustainable livelihoods and the prosperity of countries and regions.

Wendy has held senior sustainability roles in BHP and Orica and led a niche consulting firm that works internationally. Wendy has chaired a start-up technology company that reimagines management of water and she has been a Director of AVI, an international development company. She has held other prior Board roles including at Transparency International Australia and the global Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative.

Wendy is a Graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She holds a Masters’ degree in International Relations and was originally trained in biology and chemistry with a Bachelor of Applied Science.