Turning Talk Into Action

Ministerial Roundtable: 9 January 2024

Conference and Exhibition: 10-11 January 2024

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Turning Talk Into Action

What is the Mineral Exploration Zone?

A dedicated zone for junior exploration companies or junior mining companies that specialize in the early stages of mineral exploration and development.

A showcase of global projects from diversified producers and some of the most compelling exploration and development companies, this dedicated area within FMF provides an excellent opportunity to identify new investment opportunities by meeting with the senior executives from these companies.

A premium platform for junior miners conducting extensive exploration activities, assessing economic viability, and implementing sustainable practices.

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A Gateway to Africa,
Western and Central Asia

Junior miners who participate will take advantage of the significant mineral potential in the super regions of Africa, Western and Central Asia. The geological diversity of these regions presents prospects for a wide range of commodities, including gold, copper, iron ore, coal, rare earth elements, and more.

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Why Should Junior Miners Participate?

The Future Minerals Forum offer a prime opportunity for junior miners to raise their profile and increase market visibility in the super region of Africa, Western and Central Asia.

Benefit from a platform for networking, investor attraction, market visibility, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and industry insights.

Leverage their knowledge, resources, and expertise to present solutions that overcome technical challenges, optimize operations, and drive innovation in their projects.

Gather valuable information that can inform their decision-making processes and shape their strategies for exploration, development, and growth. And gain market intelligence and insights into industry trends, commodity prices, investment patterns, and regulatory changes.

A premium gateway for junior miners to present their geological data, resource estimates, and growth strategies, to attract high-profile investors that attend the event who looking for promising mining opportunities.

Display innovative approaches and community engagement initiatives, enhancing their reputation in the industry.

Mineral Exploration Zone Exhibiting Organizations

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At the Future Minerals Forum, you will have the opportunity to network with industry experts, government officials, and investors, sharing success stories from around the world.