Turning Talk Into Action

Ministerial Roundtable: 14 January 2025

Conference and Exhibition: 15 - 16 January 2025

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Turning Talk Into Action


SWCC is the world’s largest producer of desalinated water with a production capacity of (6.6 million cubic meters per day). SWCC runs 30 desalination plants on the eastern and western coasts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operated by highly efficient, determined and passionate employees. SWCC has made several achievements in the development of desalination industry and set several new records in Guinness. Recently, SWCC has achieved a new world record for the lowest energy consumption in the world. SWCC has further accomplished many megaprojects in record time.

SWCC embraces brine mining technology and is open to discussions of SWCC’s innovations in this area with the technology owners, manufacturers and investors to enable brine mining.

Coupled with his position as SWCC Governor, AL-ABDULKARIM chairs the Board of Directors of the Water Transmission and Technologies Company (WTTCO), which is mandated and entrusted with managing, maintaining, developing and building water transmission and storage systems across KSA, with 11,600 KM pipelines in total. Furthermore, AL-ABDULKARIM holds the office of Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Water Solutions Co..

Well-armed with long expertise, AL-ABDULKARIM becomes specialist in developing leadership that enhances prompt innovation in applying institutional transformation and putting into action the feasible strategies for business development.

Having worked on many projects, AL-ABDULKARIM is able to discover the opportunities for development of business solutions and products by embracing principles of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.

He has an outstanding record of removing structural barriers in order to reach the future targets.

AL-ABDULKARIM is filled with passion for achieving significant success, supporting entrepreneurship and discovering and empowering talented people to utilize their exceptional abilities and capacities to make great achievements by taking advantage of the available opportunities.

Equipped with great potentials and practical experience, AL-ABDULKARIM is considered an expert in building and developing strategies for organizations, corporate restructuring strategies and business relationships along with the ability to harmonize stability of existing services while adopting new trends based on his expertise in business administration and megaproject management, as well as leading transformation in the organization heading speedily to the future.