Turning Talk Into Action

Ministerial Roundtable: 9 January 2024

Conference and Exhibition: 10-11 January 2024

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Turning Talk Into Action

The Future Minerals Forum

Provides an unprecedented platform for regional and international mineral value chain companies to conduct business, providing access to goverment leaders and senior figures from across the up, mid and downstream sectors. As well as those from multilateral and other organization that influence the industry.

Conference Program

The Future Minerals Forum is a dynamic and progressive event that sets the tone for the industry's future, with a focus on key themes such as Creating Centres of Excellence, Talent Development, Access To Capital, Industrial Policy, Legal Frameworks, Multi-stakeholder Collaboration, Sustainability Standards, Green Metals and New Techbology, Developing Manufacturing and Recycling, ESG Performance and Lands of Opportunity Showcases.

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“I want to thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for hosting the Future Minerals Forum. Conferences like this, and this conference in particular given its location, provide an important opportunity to come together and talk about what must be done if the world is to meet the demand for the critical minerals needed for the energy transition.”

Mike Henry

Chief Executive Officer,

Global Business Connect

Global Business Connect is a digital platform dedicated to FMF where attendees simply create an online profile, then use the tool to set up and organize important business and networking meetings.

Delegates are empowered to search other attendees by industry, region, job title, commodity and much more.

This powerful tool allows conference delegates to identify the right profiles they wish to meet and schedule instant meetings with, leading to more deals and fruitful partnerships.

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Turn Talk to Action

Global investors will convene at the Forum to discuss financing the establishment or transformation of a new, modern and responsible future minerals industry in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North and East Africa.

The forum provides attendees with an in-depth look at the resource endowment of these regions; their legal and regulatory frameworks, access to land; the role of government; and ease of doing business. Attendees will also hear from and engage with those alredy exploring and mining in the region, what they have done and are doing, and their tips for success.

The Future Minerals Forum will act as the platform for conducting business and establishing long-lasting partnerships with key mining stakeholders. Set within the context of creating opportunities in new parts of the world, where a number of planned structural and legal reforms are underway that aim to stimulate foreign direct investment and develop each country's mining resources.

The forum enables the global mining sector to connect with investors who want to create a new blueprint for a leading-edge industry in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North and East Africa. With the global investor landscape in mining driven by impact investing, the Summit provides a valuable opportunity for miners to work in partnership with investors to acticulate nining's contribution to society.


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“Future Minerals Forum is a terrific conference. This yearwas the first time I visited, and it’s been incredibly worthwhile. What Saudi is doing in terms of hosting and convening people is important for what we’re trying to achieve as an industry. We have a huge challenge ahead to meet the massive demand for minerals required for the energy transition.
FMF allowed me to meet incredible people from around the region and provided a great chance for all participants to come together and consider how we can grow the industry to meet that demand. It was a real honor to have the chance to participate.”

Dominic Barton

Rio Tinto

Who Will You Meet?

The Conference is attended by 9,000+ mining and mineral professionals from 145 countries.

Providing delegates access to government leaders and senior figures from across the mineral and mining value chain, as well as those from multilateral and other organizations that influence the industry.

Participating Sectors

Government and State

  • Ministries
  • Municipalities
  • District Commissions
  • Industrial Authority
  • Trade Commissions


  • Sovereign Wealth Fund
  • Investment Fund
  • Development Fund
  • Financial Institution
  • Stock Exchange


  • Consulting and Advisory
  • Sustainability & Technology
  • Startups
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing

Multilateral Organisations

  • Industry and Business Associations
  • Chartered Organisations
  • Mining Forums
  • Economic Advancement Organisations
  • Policy Developers and Regulators

Mineral and Metal Value Chain

  • Upstream (Exploration & Mining, Separation)
  • Midstream (Refining, Forming)
  • Downstream (Manufacturing)

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At the Future Minerals Forum, you will have the opportunity to network with industry experts, government officials, and investors, sharing success stories from around the world.